San Francisco with Active Fitness and Microsoft Band

For //BUILD Active Fitness announced it expands Microsoft Band with 50+ new activities and helps conserving GPS battery for up-to 24 hours via clever programming. Today, to play with that we will make a trip to San Francisco, to enjoy a sunny day by the Golden Gate bridge, have oyster po’boy, tuna tartar, ride some bike, buy some t-shirts, check the new awesome Active Fitness Windows 10 app with Microsoft Band integration. After searching for some trails on Active Fitness website, I came up with this route, and may be thinking of crossing Golden Gate and having a lunch in Sausalito:

Cycling 16.8km
16.8 km
561 m

The plan is also to post some pictures on Active Fitness, Facebook and Twitter and overall enjoy ourselves while riding a bike around San Francisco. I’ll use Microsoft Band which has Cycling built in, but at the bike rental shop I had a mountain bike, wouldn’t it be cool to use Mountain Bike tracking? With 50+ activities added by Active Fitness, there’s a chance you can find your favorite activity. I simply added Mountain Bike to the band.

Et voila!



Our morning starts at Golden Gate Ferry Terminal, with a poached egg, grits, bacon and café au lait at Cowgirl Creamery, which looks like this:

WP_20160318_09_18_16_Pro (2)

Opening my Active Fitness Windows 10 app, I find some fresh trails near San Francisco. So the idea is to rent a bike, ride it towards Golden Gate, cross it, have a lunch at Sausalito and then ride back. Have a dinner at a Ferry Terminal market. Sound good? Let’s go!

Crossing Golden Gate, I stopped in Sausalito, to have a lunch and check Active Fitness app and the Microsoft Band, results looking good, I have >12 miles on my Band, and it’s been over 6 hours, the Band is still fully charged because Active Fitness uses phone battery to track GPS, so Band battery is almost full!


A lunch at Trident restaurant in Sausalito: tuna tartar is highly recommended, as well as crabcakes and large bottles of sparkling water.


After lunch, I decide not to take an easy way back via ferry, and instead cross Golden Gate bridge back to San Francisco on the bike: that’s another 12 miles trip and quite a bit of steep elevation. My heart rate is at 170 bpm, Microsoft Band diligently tracks that.

One of the coolest features of Active Fitness is its ability to post pictures just like Instagram, but you can associate it with sports activities. So everything I track, I also attach pictures to document my journey. Simply brilliant!

After the day is over, it’s hard to believe I made 25 miles, crossed San Francisco, Golden Gate bridge, made it to Sausalito and tested Active Fitness and Microsoft Band integration! Have a wonderful weekend!

To learn more about Microsoft Band and Active Fitness integration, check:

Winter Sports - Band - LAUNCH


Startup expands Microsoft Band with 50 new activities, helps extending tracking time to 24 hours

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. Active Fitness has an exciting announcement just before Microsoft //BUILD conference in San Francisco: with Active Fitness and Winter Sports apps you can now expand your Microsoft Band with 50+ new activities and even keep GPS battery life beyond 24+ hours while still getting ski updates on your Band! Yes, Microsoft Band can now ski and snowboard, the apps also add fun activities as dog walking, shopping and even inline skating from all over the world to your Microsoft Band! Active Fitness cloud platform user base has grown to more than 2 million users recently, not bad for a small shop from Silicon Valley, California. Active Fitness platform also powers apps from top brands and sport manufacturers with a combined revenue of $1 billion.

Winter Sports - Band - LAUNCH

(Download PDF)

With the launch of Active Fitness Windows 10 apps, Active Fitness announced it can expand Microsoft Band capabilities via clever programming. The apps extended user base to 2 million users recently, and allow users from many apps access Active Fitness social network: Active Fitness, Winter Sports, also powering apps from several top brand sports manufacturers with a combined yearly revenue of $1 billion. The startup plans to extend Microsoft Band support to its iOS and Android apps. thanks to Microsoft Band’s cross-platform integration.

So how does it work?

If you own a Microsoft Band, simply install Active Fitness or Winter Sports apps from the store (for now only Windows 10 Mobile version of the app supports Band integration, but the publisher plans to add Band support to Android and iOS versions shortly). Go to Settings, Band and turn the switch on to enable Microsoft Band support. Then you can enable any of 50+ activities that Active Fitness or Winter Sports apps have to your Band. And this is it!

Active Fitness - Microsoft Band

One of the most unique features of Active Fitness that no other competitor can match, is very extensive winter sports support: ski, snowboard, cross-country skiing, telemark, Nordic walking, mountaineering and other sports people love doing in the snow. In fact, Winter Sports, a snow sports version of Active Fitness earned credits for being an official app of Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructors of America and participated in many sports events on the snow.  Winter Sports runs on the same cloud powered platform of Active Fitness, which means users can use the same cloud account to login to the apps. The //BUILD announcement comes just in time for ski season 2016: with a little help from Active Fitness and Winter Sports apps, Microsoft Band can now do skiing!


In addition to tracking activities, Active Fitness also includes powerful training programs, interval training, social community with friends, fitness pictures (similar to Instagram but fitness-specific), information about trails from more than 2,000 ski resorts worldwide and unlimited number of trails created by users themselves. In fact, Active Fitness blog details some of the travel adventures possible with the app.

Active Fitness cloud platform runs on Microsoft Azure, the most scalable platform in the world. That guarantees its scalability and advanced social and cloud integration. The Active Fitness user base rocketed to 2 million users in a couple of years, which is a stunning success. Active Fitness has trails from any nation of the world it seems, which aligns well with the company slogan: trails created by you. Another cool thing about Active Fitness is that it is using Xamarin technology, another hot startup acquired by Microsoft recently.

SUMMARY: With Active Fitness and Winter Sports apps, Microsoft Band gets many more activities, including skiing, snowboarding and about 50+ others. These apps also help the Band conserve GPS while still getting ski, snowboard or other stats from the apps. Active Fitness is a small privately owned startup in Silicon Valley with 2 million users in its fitness social networks and apps.


Active Fitness website
Winter Sports website
Active Fitness Trails Worldwide
Active Fitness official blog

Monaco with Active Fitness

Monaco is a tiny country in Europe: with Active Fitness app I walked around the country and even won a few euros in world famous Monaco Casino. Today I’ll share this adventure. As always the trail is available on Active Fitness website.

Walking 7.8km
7.8 km
688 m
Monaco is a very rich country. Expensive and exotic cars are parked everywhere, so if you are looking for a good looking cars from above $200K, you won’t be disappointed:
You can’t miss a walk along the Monaco bay, this is where most of country, which is just 2.5 miles long located.
Hiking a few steps, and you’ll reach Monte Carlo Grand Casino, the place where millions of euros are won and lost. I played Blackjack and was lucky to win a few euros!
This year Monte Carlo Casino is decorated as a Russian fairy tale, with Russian dolls standing in front of the Casino:
Back to the port of Monaco, where luxury boats are everywhere:
Any hike in Monte Carlo is beautiful, enjoy!

Ushuaia – the End of the World

Ushuaia is officially the end of the world, Antarctica is just a boat ride away. After a 3 hour flight from Buenos Aires we arrive in the airport of Ushuaia. As we fly over mountains, the reach of Antarctica becomes visible:


Ushuaia sky can be very dramatic. If you have time to take a boat along Beagle Channel, it’s one of the best adventures and is well worth the time.


We used Active Fitness to track this walk from downtown to Museo Maritimo. Downtown Ushuaia is full of shops and restaurants: local crab is something really worth tasting.
2.7 km
103 m
If you have time to ski, Cerro Castor is a great ski resort about half an hour drive from Ushuaia. With Active Fitness we had a chance to visit it with Cerro Castor for the Interski event with the US team of Professional Ski and Snowboard instructors. Great place to ski or ride!

Ski 1.9km
1.9 km
198 m

Snow Storm in Tahoe as seen by Active Fitness users

Over the weekend Sierra Nevada mountain range and Lake Tahoe enjoyed a great snowstorm. This made many skiers and snowboarders very happy. Active Fitness users used our Winter Sports app to track their activities. Today we can look at some of the most amazing runs we made during the snowstorm.

If you like snow-sports you can download our Winter Sports app. In addition to traditional activities, it will give snow reports and data from more than 2,000 ski resorts worldwide. The app provides weather forecast and trail information in addition to tracking your favorite runs. Thanks to GPS tracking and advanced sensor data, you can see your vertical, distance and spWP_20160308_08_48_05_Proeed, as well as airtime if you happen to jump in the park.

Northstar Ski Resort – is a great place to ski if you want to stay at Tahoe and ski in the trees.

Ski 64.8km
64.8 km
14.7K m


Mammoth – another popular destination this weekend

Ski 29.0km
29.0 km
2.9K m
Squaw Valley – the heart of Olympic Games in 1960 is a popular ski destination in 2016.

Ski 8.2km
8.2 km
16.2K m