Ski and snowboard with Active Fitness and Winter Sports at National Academy

Winter Sports app, a snow sports app built on Active Fitness cloud platform, has for a long time been the best kept secret ski app for tracking your skiing and snowboarding: it allows snow sports lovers to track skiing while disconnected, has thousands of ski resorts data, supports tracking with your smart phone (and now with 3D maps!) or wearables, has tracking battery life for more than 12 hours of non-stop tracking, plus anything you need to track during apres-ski time.

Winter Sports app truly cares about snow-sports community, by participating in professional ski and snowboards events, contributing to education and really being a grass root community of skiers and snowboarders.


Today we’ll join National Academy, an annual professional ski in snowboard instructors event in Breckenridge, Colorado to ski and ride with top national ski and snowboard professionals and see how we can use Winter Sports app to track our elevation, impress buddies on chairlifts and more.


Snow-storm in Denver dumped more than 4-5 feet of fresh powder in April over the course of two weeks. More than enough for the end of the ski season.

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Winter Sports app is very easy to use: at the beginning of your ski day simply start tracking and the app diligently keeps counting your runs, speed, elevation and statistics.


What’s really cool about the app is its voice announcements features. The app detects when you are done with your run and reads you statistics on the chair lift up to a massive enjoyment of your lift buddies. For single riders it’s a great conversation starter! At the end of the day the app also shows you all your runs, displaying your highest elevation points and speed:


Winter Sports app uniquely supports Telemark Skiing

Winter Sports is the only app that supports Telemark in addition to Ski and Snowboard. Most apps simply focus on running and cycling, but Active Fitness has more than 50 activities to chose from!



Telemark with Jim Shaw, Scott McGee and Charlie McArthur


We had a chance to telemark with all three of legendary authors and contributors to the official Telemark Technical Manual and track our telemark skiing with Winter Sports app and Microsoft Band. How lucky we are!? This is an incredible luck to hit the slopes in this company. As far as I know, Winter Sports app is the only app in the work that tracks telemark as a separate activity, and Microsoft Band when connected to Winter Sports app can actually show you telemark performance vs other fellow freeheelers. I doubt I can compete with National Telemark Team members, such as Charlie McArthur, Scott McGee or Jim Shaw, but I feel that my modest app contribution to telemark as a sport was well received by professionals!

Conveniently, you can see your and your friends’ trails in the app:


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How to use Winter Sports app and Microsoft Band while Skiing

Winter Sports app expands Microsoft Band with snow-sport related activities: skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country and more.

Winter - Band - Web

How to use 3D Maps with Winter Sports app

Skiers and snowboarders care about elevations and mountains they ski! With Winter Sports app you can now view and share gorgeous trails you ski in 3D:


How to share on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte etc with Winter Sports app

Winter Sports app is very social and allows you to post your trails live on Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Instagram and other social networks! Simply hit share button on any of your trails. Users can also attach images and pictures to trails.


How to check how many steps you made

Checking how many steps you made is easy with step-counter. The app automatically tracks your steps or turns and shows you statistics and charts.



Social action photography with Winter Sports

Winter Sports has always been a strong app for action photos. You can take photos or attach pictures to trails and activities and share them on social networks.



Training with Winter Sports

Winter Sports has built-in training programs that track interval activity, for example for hiking, walking or cross-country skiing.



Statistics and data from more than 2,000 ski resorts

Winter Sports has snow reports and data from more than 2,000 ski resorts worldwide.